Sunday, 15 May 2016

Reverse Mentoring : A harbinger of organisational change ?

Reverse Mentoring : A harbinger of organisational change ?

Today's workforce is a confluence of  multiple generations & widespread diversity. There is an inevitable "digital divide" that calls for rapid response, as we move towards a new world economic order of  "digital democratization". Before the onset of the fourth Industrial revolution - the Digital Revolution, knowledge flowed from the more experienced senior to the young novice & its accumulation was  directly proportional to time expressed in terms of human experience .
With digital transformation a  new world of possibilities has engulfed the muti- generational workforce. The real challenge is with both the adoption as well as adaptation of new technology.The veterans, baby boomers & Gen X called the Digital Immigrants are  encountering  the new generation workforce the Gen Y millennial & Gen Z s or Digital Natives. who are tech savvy & possessing the "digital edge" . Almost every business idea today needs a digital application to beat  the economies of scale. The sponsors of the business ideas in terms of funding decisions however is  the Gen xers who may not know the "how" of  the digital technology if not the "what". Thus the need for the whole process of Reverse education, gently termed Reverse Mentoring. The flow of tide has reversed. The young mentors - who  far from being a professional mentor has an onerous task of incubating & implementing digital initiatives of the organisation.

So the key question is what are the challenges organisations are likely to face & what therefore are structural & design issues need to be taken into consideration to launch the Reverse Mentoring process in the organisation


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